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The Value of Handmade - Stitching Love into Fabric

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The Value of Handmade - Stitching Love into Fabric

The Value of Handmade Children's Clothes

A baby coming into this world, into loving arms, is one of the most magical things about being a living being. Each one is unique and beautiful, deserving to be cherished and showered with love.

Back in the day, relatives, friends, and well-wishers showed their love for a new bundle of joy by making clothes for them. Grandmas would knit or crochet away, conjuring the cutest sweaters, caps, booties, and more. Mothers, themselves, would take the time during nesting to stitch their heart and anticipation for their new love into clothes.

Today, markets are influxed with all kinds of baby clothes of all types and styles. Considering the booming population, mass producing baby apparel makes sense. However, nothing can beat handmade clothing. No matter who the curator is, they put their love and compassion into what they make.

You can say that a handmade stocking, christening dress or hat will have more meaning than a onesie you pick up at a Target. Whether you get crafty and make something yourself or go to an artisan, a handmade toy or clothing will have something more special.

Incidental Uniqueness

Machines are far more precise than humans – blame human error. For instance, a batch of cookies I make from scratch won’t be uniform down to the T. However, if a machine in a large factory was to do it, each batch will come out the same.

This is what makes handcrafting that much better. Each maker’s mark will be visible in the things they create. Their creativity, skill, and originality will go into each facet. That doesn’t mean that there will be quality issues. Instead, the difference will be in style, patterns, etc. Also, each piece will vary slightly from the other, making it even more unique.

Care and Quality

If you have had or currently have a little one around your home, you would know that they grow right in front of our eyes. It will take only a day or two for them to look a lot older. That’s why parents often don’t give much thought to the quality of the clothes, knowing the little ones will sprout and grow out of them pretty quickly.

When artisans are making them by hand, details are paid close attention to. Seams, buttons, buttonholes, ties, etc. are all made sure to be strong.

With J. Harrison’s, I can tell you that we have moms making things for other moms. This means that even the smallest detail will be meticulously addressed. Also, they won’t be using anything that could potentially harm a baby such as cheap materials.

Having that kind of quality in check, these well-made items could become family heirlooms. The individuality of the clothing item, toy or bedding will be unique to your family. You can pass it between siblings and then hand it down to the next generations.


And lastly, when you’re buying handmade, artisanal baby items, you are also inadvertently supporting the community of a small business. Mostly, the community will consist of stay-at- home parents with a passion for making something beautiful and useful for other people’s little ones.

All handmade products at J. Harrison’s are crafted beautifully with a lot of care put into each fold and each stitch. You can explore artisanal toys, clothes, and accessories on the website and choose a one-of-a-kind piece for your one-of-a-kind little one.

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