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PawPaw's Pantry

J. Harrison’s donates one item of food for every store purchase to Feed Fannin and local school food pantries. Many schools have implemented on-campus food pantries to help make food more accessible to those children and their families who need assistance. There are so many children in our local communities that go to bed hungry at night. This is not okay. We can do something to help.

My late grandfather, JB, is a driving force behind my desire to help with this particular need. He had a heart of gold and a soft spot for children. So to honor his memory, I have created “PawPaw’s Pantry”.

Every purchase from J. Harrison’s buys food that I will personally hand deliver to school pantries in local communities here in Georgia. I believe that when God puts something heavy on your mind and heart, you should follow and act on it. We may be a small business, but we can do big things. Every mile starts with one single step.

Thank you for your support!

Rachel Collins


In Memory of JB Bradburn 1929-1995

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