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Simple: It's The New Complicated

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Simple: It's The New Complicated

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Unplug And Reconnect With Family? Let’s get back to the basics! Remember when life was simpler, when kids played outside and they used their imaginations?  In a world of technology and devices it’s not always easy to have uninterrupted time with our family.

We’re human and we all struggle to balance our lives. Should we really need a “To do” list to make time for our little ones? YES! We all cuddle our children and spend time with them, but how often are we scrolling through Facebook and answering them without our undivided attention?  I think we are all guilty of this, but I’m always quick to reel myself back in and check myself.

Really listen to your children, make eye contact, ask questions and HEAR their answers. Kids are smart and intuitive. They know when we are not fully paying attention to them. It’s hard when they are talking non-stop and you’re cleaning up spilled juice…again. Trust me, I get it!


Struggle with creative ideas and imagination? We got you mom!

When researching and thinking about what I wanted to include in our boutique, I knew I wanted classic, simple toys to spark creativity. I wanted them to slide down the imagination rabbit hole and write their own stories. We have so many great things coming soon to our store that both you and your children will love!


Here’s a fun little list of 5 things to do with your children!

1-  Plan a scavenger hunt! This can be done indoors or outdoors and will certainly create adventure. Take a walk outside and have your little one tell you the sounds he hears and what is making the sound.

 2-  Camp in your backyard! It’s too cold outside or you don’t have a backyard? No worries, turn your living room into the great outdoors. Ask them where they want to camp and then recreate it for them. There’s no limit to the imagination. Teepees, tents or sheets for a fort will work perfectly.

 3-  Have your child or the entire family work on a puppet show together. Make the characters from old socks and name them. Follow one of many puppet show scripts on the internet or make up your own. Kids may want to recreate an experience they have already had, such as a vacation, theme park or holiday fun they remember.

4- Take your little one to the park or playground. Never under estimate the fun of a swing and slide. Toss a ball or go on a nature walk. Parks offer many different options and some even have pools! This is a great place for those not yet in school to make little friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach them about sharing and taking turns.

 5- Hide and seek is an old tradition that we played, our parents played, our grandparents played…you get it. This was one of my favorite games growing up as a child. This is a great activity for growth and emotional development.

 Let's all slow down and remember what is truly important in our lives.

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