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Getting in Some Good Quality Time – Spring Activities for your Little Ones (Preschoolers)

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Getting in Some Good Quality Time – Spring Activities for your Little Ones (Preschoolers)

As the air fills with the sweet scent of bright blooms, the sun starts shining a little more, and leaves unfurl into gorgeous greenery, it’s about time you break out of your winter cocoon and explore the outdoors.

If you have little ones at preschool age, you can make most of the lovely weather by engaging in fun yet educational activities. While they get a chance to learn and explore new things, you’ll cherish the moments when their face sprouts in an expression of excitement.

Here are some ideas for my busy working moms:

DIY bird feeders

Children are fascinated by chirping birds. If you have a porch, yard or balcony space (for our city dwellers), you can DIY some bird feeders. While it’s a fun crafting project, you can take this time to teach your kids about birds.

Look up local birds in your area and have fun learning what they look like, the noises they make, etc. (use YouTube for that) while you make the feeders.

Growing their very first plant

Even as adults, the excitement of a seed finally shooting through the dirt is quite joyous. Extend the same experience to your little one. You can grow beans, cress seeds or chia seeds in damp cotton balls. Or you can go the classic way and grow them in eggshells.

You can teach your kids about the importance of plants, why they are necessary, and introduce the concept of climate change and the marvels of Mother Nature.

Flower Power

Who doesn’t like a sweet smelling, beautiful bloom?

There are many DIY and craft projects you can do that involve flowers. You can go wildflower picking with the little ones and teach them about each flower. Or you can use them to make flower crowns and necklaces.

For another fun project, get some transparent contact paper and some leaves, and flower petals. Get creative with the leaves and petals by recreating branches and flower stems. You can then stick the artful creations on windows and glass door panels.

You can also teach them about flower parts by creating a game. Label some containers and ask the little ones to separate different flower parts (stems, leaves and petals).

Collage fun!

Kindergarten-age kids can have a lot of fun with collages. The spring season is perfect for getting outdoors to collect leaves, feathers, flowers, etc. and combine them with other materials such as contact paper, construction paper, tissue, old magazines, etc.

You can have your kids make collages for each season, which is a great way to sneak in a lesson on weather and seasons.

Don’t Forget Quality Time

There are endless possibilities of fun, engaging, and educational sprint activities for children. Even simply going on nature walks can be a learning experience. The goal is to engage their minds.

However, don’t miss out on spending some quality time with your little ones. It doesn’t take long before your little ones grow up and become too cool to do these crafts. Make sure you spend time making unforgettable memories

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