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The Value of Handmade - Stitching Love into Fabric

The Value of Handmade - Stitching Love into Fabric

A baby coming into this world, into loving arms, is one of the most magical things about being a living being. Each one is unique and beautiful, deserving to be cherished and showered with love.

Back in the day, relatives, friends, and well-wishers showed their love for a new bundle of joy by making clothes for them. Grandmas would knit or crochet away, conjuring the cutest sweaters, caps, booties, and more. Mothers, themselves, would take the time during nesting to stitch their heart and anticipation for their new love into clothes.

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We are hard at work behind the scenes to bring adorable to you!

We are hard at work behind the scenes to bring adorable to you!

We here at J. Harrison’s Kid’s Boutique are working ‘round the clock to bring trendy and timeless kid’s clothing, bedding, accessories and playtime treasures to you.  We are beyond excited as our upcoming launch on February 22, 2020 draws near!

The boutique is named after my son, Jack Harrison, so it seemed fitting to launch on his third birthday! A lot is going on behind the scenes, from working with other moms curating adorable clothing and other handmade products just for you, to the final touches on our website.


Who are these newest kids on the block? I think I want to be their friend!


Who are we, exactly, you ask?  I’m a mom, like you, who loves her child with all her heart. I lay my head down on my pillow every night absolutely exhausted, BUT GRATEFUL for the little boy that takes all my energy. I have a big heart and care deeply for people. When I decided to take this leap of faith, I knew I wanted to use our platform to do good for others. I want to be more than a store. I want to help children through my work. So we are extremely driven to help charities that are dear to us now and throughout the coming years.

I love shopping for my son, but I was struggling to find unique and timeless clothing, with a modern twist. Quality is so important to me and I know it is to you, too.  J. Harrison’s was born from a need to find clothing that checked off those boxes.  Every day I have mothers like you in mind when making business decisions. I have carefully hand-picked curators who share my love for top-notch artisan goods. The majority of my partnerships are with other mothers who are creating handmade clothing, toys and accessories.


Our heartfelt promise to all of you is to treat you how we would want to be treated.

We truly care about our customers and their experience shopping with us. Our promise to each and every one of you is to provide quality and great customer service. I’m not a website with a customer service department who has scripted responses to your concerns. When you shop in our store, you get a real person that wants to answer your questions, address your concerns and keep you as our happy customer. I am humbled by all of you who trust in us and allow us to be a small part of your family. Our goal is to be interactive with our customers because we want to hear from you.

Please follow us @jharrisonskids on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so we can stay connected. Want to be the first to know and stay informed? You can also visit our website now at to add yourself to our email list. We’re too good to keep a secret so share us with your friends and family!


Many Blessings,

Rachel Collins


J. Harrison’s Kid’s Boutique

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